The Lighthouse Recovery 365 Coaching Program

Companionship. Hope. Camaraderie.

Recovery coaching in Connecticut through The Lighthouse Recovery 365 is available to both men and women ages 25 and older and are interested in creating a lifestyle of fulfillment in recovery. Your commitment as a resident of sober living at the Lighthouse in Fairfield County, Connecticut includes pairing with a personal recovery coach from the Recovery 365 team. When in early recovery it is vital to have support, accountability, and encouragement to stay the course and continue your journey for recovery. The Lighthouse Recovery Coaches are trained and certified. Most importantly, all our Sober Coaches live a life of recovery, so they can use their shared experiences with you as you embark on the road to a fulfilling life in recovery.

Recovery 365 is designed to meet individuals where they are. We understand there are multiple pathways to recovery and our program is structured to meet those needs for our clients. Growing beyond addiction is the beginning of the journey. When newly sober, it is vital to have support, accountability, and encouragement. The Lighthouse Recovery Coaching staff are caring professionals in recovery who have found the way to a life filled with happiness and hope.

Our coaches lead newly sober individuals to a life of responsibility and true happiness. Recovery Coaching is a pathway for recovery which fosters mutual respect and lasting peer relationships. Accountability is essential for a fulfilling life in recovery, so we perform regular drug and alcohol testing to safeguard against relapse. We attend to our your personal needs while building a foundation for recovery.

Creating a network in recovery is a powerful tool to maintain sobriety. The Lighthouse has strong-ties to Connecticut, New Jersey, New York (Long Island, NYC, and Westchester Counties) recovery communities. We host recovery events frequently to stimulate interactions with sober executives and professionals to provide an opportunity to see and hear from others who have transitioned to a successful sober lifestyle.

Recovery 365

Recovery coaching and Sober Living in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York City (Westchester and Long Island Counties) pictured above The Lighthouse Recovery 365 recovery coaches, discuss client care during Monday morning case conference at The Lighthouse Sober Living Recovery 365 office located at 34 Elm St, New Canaan, Connecticut.

Recovery CApital Scale

Your Lighthouse recovery coach will do an initial calibration of your Recovery Capital Scale. The Recovery Capital refers to the internal and external resources necessary for an individual to achieve and maintain recovery from substance use disorder. It recognizes that a variety of elements can support or jeopardize one’s recovery; these include social networks, physical, human, cultural and community issues.

This test will be administered by your coach on a regular basis to look at how those numbers are progressing or not, along with your recovery. Sample questions rated on a scale of 1-5 include;

  • Is your sense of purpose in life essential to your recovery journey?

  • Are you able to concentrate when you need to?

  • Are you proud of the community you live in and feel
    part of it—Do you have a sense of belonging?

  • Are you actively involved in leisure and recreational activities?

Recovery Coaching

Growing beyond addiction is the beginning of your journey in recovery, Our caring Recovery Coaches have found a way to a life filled with happiness and hope. It is our mission to guide you along your path to a life of responsibility and true happiness.

  • Personalized recovery coaching, focused on the individual in recovery

  • Twice a week face-to-face meetings between coach and client and daily check-ins via phone or text

  • Development of a recovery plan and daily checklist of goals

  • Assessment of your individual Recovery Capital score

  • Mentorship n Recovery management, encompassing the individual’s total program of recovery (intensive outpatient programs, clinical counseling, medical and legal referrals, family intervention, sober companions, trainers and physical therapists, nutritional support, and spiritual advocates)

  • Accountability with daily Soberlink testing

  • Fellowship meetings

  • Emotional support

  • Community engagement

Recovery coaching in Connecticut at the The Lighthouse Recovery Coaching 365 Program your Recovery Capital Scale is important to a fulfilling recovery. The Lighthouse is a sober living home and recovery coaching program located in Fairfield County, Connecticut and serving the Tri-state area.

Recovery Coaching Program Overview

Recovery coaching in Connecticut is displayed above as a recovery coach and recovery coaching client discuss recovery capital scale at The Lighthouse Sober Living Recovery Coaching 365 Program brainstorm new sober coaching ideas for successfully assisting sober living house residents and coaching clients with transport, sober travel, and business trips.

Sober Support

Your Lighthouse recovery coach will provide information on the various recovery meetings which may be a fit, including 12-Step groups, Refuge Recovery, SMART Recovery


The Lighthouse has deep connections with a cadre of health professionals such as psychiatrists, addiction treatment counselors and family therapists. As well as other medical professional such as internists and specialists


The Lighthouse has area affiliations with gyms, yoga studios, fitness trainers and nutritionists depending on your goals and needs

Vocational Development

Your Lighthouse coach can assist you with resume development, job search help and networking opportunities. We also have knowledge of the many volunteer positions which can help structure one’s time in early sobriety


Your Lighthouse recovery coach can act as a liaison to legal teams to provide documentation of your recovery plan and progress


Recovery coaching in connecticut means accountability and pictured above is a screenshot of the homescreen for One Step Software. the Lighthouse Sober Living Recover 365 uses One Step Software to enhance the quality of life and milestones in a residents and coaching clients recovery goals.

One Step Software is the only software on the market that helps The Lighthouse manage its residents sober living experience efficiently and quickly.

  • Geolocation and reporting on residents’ whereabouts which helps with accountability

  • Each resident downloads an app that connects them to the house

  • 30-minute notifications before events and appointments

  • Count of weekly meetings attended

  • Congratulatory message on sober anniversaries

  • Access to resources, daily inspirational quotes, videos
    and other content shared by the house

In addition to One Step, The Lighthouse uses Soberlink for sobriety monitoring. Soberlink provides the most innovative solution for remote alcohol monitoring. Soberlink combines a professional grade, wireless Breathalyzer to a cloud-based web portal. The technology uses facial recognition to confirm identity, tamper-resistant sensors to ensure the integrity of the tests, and automation to create a seamless monitoring solution. In 2016, Soberlink gained FDA 510(k) clearance for medical use and most major treatment facilities and clinical programs across the country accept toxicology results. Soberlink is a trusted alcohol monitoring solution for criminal justice, workplace compliance, addiction treatment, and family law since 2011.

Regular interactions with sober executives and professionals provide an opportunity to see and hear from others who have transitioned to a successful sober lifestyle.

Support Services

Recovery coaching in Connecticut is pictured above by highlighting a Recovery coach and recovery coaching client clapping hands in excitement because after their meeting together to illustrated an increase in the recovery coaching clients Recovery Capital Scale The Lighthouse Sober Living Recovery 365 is an alternative pathway to recovery serving Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.

Sober Transport

Our Recovery Companions offer Recovery Transport services to comfort and help ease your mind from the stress you might be experiencing as you travel to a residential treatment center, to a sober living home post-treatment, back to your home or family, or a business or personal trip. Being on the road to treatment and in early recovery poses many challenges for many seeking a life of sobriety. Our experienced staff can help guide you in transit offering sober guidance along the way.

Our Recovery Transport services include helping you navigate travel:

  • To treatment centers and detox facilities

  • From rehabilitation to sober living homes or private residencies

  • To court dates of legal meetings

  • Family events such as reunions, weddings, and funerals

  • Business events such as conferences, seminars, meetings, and trips

  • Minimization of stress by coordination of all travel arrangements for the recovery coaching client and the Recovery Companion


Early recovery and the days before, during, and following residential treatment are crucial for your recovery. The Lighthouse Recovery 365℠ Recovery Companions or Sober Companions have all been down the same path. Therefore, we can offer you invaluable life experiences to ease your transition from early recovery to middle and long-term sustained recovery.

As a recovery companion our recovery coaches will work with you to:

  • Experienced professionally trained men and women in recovery

  • Passionate about recovery and knowledgeable of the many pathways for recovery

  • Help to ease your transition from active addiction to work, family and professional life and gain a foothold in the world of recovery

  • Assist you in achieving daily goals for recovery, nutrition, exercise, spirituality, or meetings on a daily basis

  • Prepare to go back to work, plan for the first business trip, family vacation or other milestones in recovery

  • Work directly with you for one day to several months helping you understand and establish the best pathway suited to you achieve your recovery goals, needs, and desires.

  • Restore and rebuild a fulfilling life in recovery

Recovery coaching in Connecticut at The Lighthouse Recovery 365 a recovery coach and recovery coaching client is pictured and the sober coach takes the role as recovery companion because he will escort the recovery coaching client on a business trip and ensure the client prepares his business trip by highlighting dangerous situations, and detailing plans to sustain recovery while on a business trip.

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