The Lighthouse Recovery 365

The Lighthouse coaching Recovery 365

The Lighthouse Recovery 365 Recovery Coaching provides companionship, camaraderie, and hope for those in need of support and guidance. Recovery 365 is available to anyone in recovery and is included with a residential stay at The Lighthouse.

Growing beyond addiction is the beginning of the journey. When newly sober, it is vital to have support, accountability, and encouragement. The Lighthouse Recovery Coaching staff are caring professionals in recovery who have found the way to a life filled with happiness and hope.

Our coaches lead newly sober individuals to a life of responsibility and true happiness.

Our model of recovery fosters mutual respect and lasting peer relationships. We perform regular drug and alcohol testing to safeguard against relapse. We attend to our client’s personal needs while building a foundation for recovery.


The Recovery 365 program provides:

-Personalized recovery coaching, focused on the individual in recovery


-Recovery management, encompassing the individual's total program of recovery (intensive outpatient programs, clinical counseling, medical and legal referrals, family intervention, sober companions, trainers and physical therapists, nutritional support, and spiritual advocates)

-Fellowship meetings

-Transportation to and from recovery meetings

-Emotional support

-Community engagement