How The Role of A Recovery Coach Assists You In Finding Fulfillment in Life

How The Role of A Recovery Coach Assists You In Finding Fulfillment in Life

A Recovery Coach, or Sober Coach, has many different roles when aiding you in finding fulfillment in recovery. A coach offers invaluable support to help you succeed in overcoming the obsession to use drugs or alcohol. Investing in recovery coaching is equivalent to taking out an insurance policy against the most dangerous situation you face - picking up a drink or a drug.

Why invest in a Recovery Coach?

Each year, thousands of people attend inpatient substance use programs to learn how to live life without the obsession to use. Most of these programs offer a safe and structured process to help people understand alcohol or substance use disorder, yet statistics show more than 50% of those who complete the program often begin using drugs and alcohol within a year of discharge.

Why does this happen?

The fact is that detoxification and inpatient treatment is challenging and at times painful, but your WORK in recovery begins the moment you step out of the treatment facility. The moment you are discharged your life is back into your hands. Returning home to family, friends, career, stress, worry, and anxiety all create an overwhelming feeling within you. Old friends, familiar sites, the reality of living life on life’s terms without your crutch to lean creates unwanted pressures. The best time to have a recovery coach is at this moment when confusion about using the tools you recently learned, asking for help, and feeling defeated start to suffocate you.

Support, encourage, suggest

Recovery coaches help, encourage, and support your decisions and goals for living a lifestyle of recovery. Sober coaches help you navigate through the awkward tension of daily life through suggesting paths you can follow. The Recovery Coach has lived through these moments within their recovery, so their experience, strength, and hope bridge the gap between the safety of inpatient treatment and the world where temptation lies in waiting to sabotage the progress you have made in your early recovery.

Your recovery coach will push you through your fears, doubt, and worry by

•  Navigation

-Does a life of abstinence seem scary or impossible?

-Do you feel you don’t have a problem with alcohol or drugs? You only use at the end of the day to relax, are successful, perform your duties to career and family, but others keep telling your drinking has grown out-of-control?

-Maybe you’ve had a recent DUI (that wasn’t your fault), and now you need to help to understand the process and legal obligations.

-Is your drinking causing you problems at home with your wife and family?

A Recovery Coach assists you in navigating the world of substance use treatment, the resources available to you within the community, and defines the multiple pathways for recovery available today. Tradition pathways might not be the path for you. A Recovery Coach can help you find the personal path and incorporate your plan into your lifestyle without having to take time off of work or be away from your family.

• Transformation

-Have you attempted to get sober in the past?

-Maybe you completed several inpatient programs and tried to follow-up on an aftercare plan which includes 12-step programs,  AA, but you never follow through and stay sober?

-Do you find it easy to abstain from drugs and alcohol when you are with others who do not use, but when you have left to your own devices you cannot keep the thought of suing from overpowering your thoughts?

-Have failed attempts at recovery, guilt or regret of your past, and not following through on your plans or goals created a feeling of hopelessness?

A Sober Coach will help you find peace with your past, positive change and goal oriented present, and the outlook for a fulfilling future in long-term sustained lifestyle for recovery.

•  Manifestation

-Does finding the desire and want to keep acting in a certain way with substantial change discourage you?

-Do you expect a noticeable change to happen overnight?

-Maybe you get easily bored or frustrated trying to incorporate new routines in your lifestyle?

-Does past failure keep you from believing you deserve to change?

A recovery will motivate you to create a plan for recovery. (S)He will cheer you on and stay committed to taking the necessary actions you need to manifest these changes. Not only will you be praised when you accomplish and reach a new milestone but you’ll be held accountable when you begin to stray from your plan.

• Attraction

-Do you feel you are defined by your addiction?

-Maybe you find comfort in the chaotic lifestyle of active addiction and are not sure you can be happy living a life full of peace and serenity?

-Did you drink or drug to pass the time because you felt bored with your life and now that you're sober you are not sure what you will do for fun?

-Have past attempts for living a life in recovery led to relapse, unhappiness, doubt, and pain?

A Recovery Coach will help you to view recovery as a natural process of change. As you frequently engage with your Recovery Coach and the Recovery Community, you will see recovery as attractive. You will seek to attract the outcomes you want from your life in recovery, ongoing support, and accountability.  

As you work to manifest change in your life, you will stop being drawn to chaotic people, places, and situations. Positive does attract positive. The more time you say away from your old associates and drug-using friends the less these people will be drawn to you and you to them.

You’ll enjoy learning new recreational activities, hobbies, and creative pursuits. Participating with others from the recovery community will have meaning and offer you creative outlets for self-expression, release, and recreation.  

• Communication

-Are you filled with self-doubt? Insecurity? Or suffer from a poor self-image?

-Are you reluctant to speak your mind, ask questions or act with assertiveness?

-Do you self-medicate because you feel you don’t belong or are different from others?

Your partnership is one of the equals. You are both experts. You are the expert on what you need, want, and desire and your coach is the expert in communicating and cheering you along the way. Your coach will also hold you accountable when actions, behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes are not congruent with your goals and plans.  

• Reduction

-Maybe you can’t get time off work to go to an inpatient program?

-Or you are not ready to stop using all at once?

-Maybe you have dug such a hole for your self you don’t know where to begin climbing out?

The ultimate goal is abstinence and a lifestyle based in recovery, but everyone's path is different.  Sober coaches understand this, so their goal is first to reduce harm. Recovery coaches also reduce events leading to relapse, dangerous situations, triggers, and cravings through consistent communication via in-person meetings, phone calls, emails, text messages. A Recovery Coach will reduce your urge to be self-destructive. Self-loathing thoughts disappear gradually over-time.

• Motivation

-Do you feel you lack the focus to complete what you began?

-Maybe you fear success?

-Do past failures and short-comings keep you from reaching out and grabbing the life you deserve?

Your recovery coach will motivate you to continue to strive towards your recovery goals. Through praising your accomplishments (s)he will prompt you to want to work harder because your victories (no matter how small they appear to be) will not go unnoticed. When the positive results you experience are noticed and praised you will strive to continue to do the work which creates long-lasting change. You’ll desire to push forward no matter how difficult or challenging the job appears. In actions such as these, your Recovery Coach mitigates and disputes your self-doubt and irrational thought processes.

What are you waiting for?

Recovery Coaching can be incorporated into your plan for recovery in all stages of readiness. It is never too early to begin to work with a recovery coach. You and your recovery coach can aide in turning the statistical data around through achieving the life you perceive in long-term recovery.

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