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Mark Hyde

Mark resides in Fairfield, Connecticut, has been working on his recovery since the 1980s and has been recovery coaching for The Lighthouse since 2017.

In 2014, Mark embraced the concept of multiple pathways of recovery and chose to attend classes for state recognized sober coaching. In his personal plan for recovery, he incorporates AA and Refuge recovery meetings, employs nutrition and exercise, meditation, and strong connection with spirituality.

 Mark is a graduate of Bryant University with BA in Marketing and Financial Management. After graduation, he traveled extensively throughout  Europe, North Africa, South America, and the United States.

 Before working as a recovery coach, Mark worked in building craftsmanship and property management industry until he switched gears and chose a career as a financial brokerage representative with Lincoln Financial Group.

Mark shares all of his experience, strength, and hope with his coaching clients. He regards working with and emotionally supporting other alcoholics/addicts comforting as opposed to the widespread confusion of his past.