What are the requirements to stay at The Lighthouse Sober Living?

To be admitted to The Lighthouse, all residents must:

  • Be completely detoxed and medically cleared by a doctor
  • Be committed to staying sober and working toward their recovery through meetings, IOP, groups, or a treatment program that works best for them
  • Agree to abide by all the house rules
  • Agree to respect all staff policies & procedures

I should be able to handle this on my own. Am I right?

It might be, if you’ve made a real commitment to yourself and can keep it up. It isn’t just stopping, but maintaining that motivation and change over the long haul that is often the challenge. Most people find it easier to get some help. After all most clients have already tried using will power to stop in the past and it hasn’t worked over time. That’s because this isn’t really about how strong one’s will power is. Many addicted people have very strong will power in some areas. It’s often more about the brain chemistry you have been born with, or the brain chemistry that has been produced by many years of using alcohol and/or drugs. These can be treated. Understanding addiction and getting some long term support are the avenues that produce the best results for most people.

What are the costs?

The Lighthouse Sober Living does not accept insurance, we are a private pay residents only.

Please contact us for more information on pricing.

Do you offer financial assistance and scholarships?

Yes! Please inquire within for more information on financial assistance and scholarship qualifications.

How long do residents typically stay?

At The Lighthouse Sober Living, we recommend a 90-Day stay. We believe it significantly increases our residents’ ability to achieve permanent sobriety. However, we treat each resident individually, and understand that some can only commit on a month-to-month basis, which we are more than willing to accommodate.

I want to keep this information private. Can The Lighthouse Sober Living assure no person finds out?

What you tell us is kept absolutely confidential unless you either give us specific permission, or you have told us that you are about to harm another person or yourself. If you want us to be able to talk freely with someone, for example, another therapist or a family member, you must sign a “Release of Information” form giving us specific permission to speak freely to those individuals.

Why choose The Lighthouse Sober Living?

We are located in a private neighborhood nestled in the woods of Fairfield County, in an aesthetically pleasing home. It’s a place in which professionals can feel at ease as they transition into a healthy, self-disciplined and meaningful life free of addiction and chemical dependency.

The minute you enter the front door, you’ll feel the serenity embrace you. Inside you’ll find all of the comforts of home in a well appointed residence with a modern interior decor and luxurious furnishing. Outside, the stately stone patio, gardens, and wooded property provide a tranquil place to relax in nature.