Deborah Atkins, MFT is our clinical family recovery consultant for the Lighthouse Sober Living Recovery 365 Coaching Program

Deb Atkins

We are pleased to welcome Deborah Atkins, MFT as our clinical family recovery consultant for the Lighthouse Sober Living Recovery 365 Coaching Program. She has been a marriage and family therapist in Fairfield county for 15 years. As our consultant, she shares her expertise in family system dynamics to help our coaches and staff develop individualized support for our residents and their families. Deborah recognizes addiction and dysfunction as part of a larger (sometimes desperate) call for change. She identifies negative thoughts, long-held beliefs, and unhealthy patterns of relating within the context of our clients work, marriage and family. By challenging ineffective and destructive habits and behaviors, she helps our team to uncover latent strengths and new strategies that often hold the key to lasting sobriety and transformation.

Deborah received her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fairfield University. She has worked in both agency and private settings with individuals, couples, and families. She has also worked in the local judicial system with court-mandated clients addressing chronic substance abuse and anger management disorders. Deborah advises allied professionals on the subtle nuances of systemic organization, helping corporate teams and educators as an adjunct facilitator and mediator.

Her warmth, compassion, intuition, optimism, and commitment to collaboration provides our residents and their families guided strategies for long term recovery and deeper more meaningful family relationships. Her systemic approach also gives us valuable insights into resident and staff relationships to ensure The Lighthouse “family” provides the most nurturing, healthy, and productive environment for our client's journey of recovery and wellness.