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Deb Atkins

Deborah J. Atkins works at The Lighthouse as a Psychotherapist and recovery coach. She feels her greatest strength is active listenings. She feels her role is to listen. Moreover, then listen some more. She listens to everything you say. She is determined to understand you. She can see problems, symptoms, and dysfunction as nothing less than a call and opportunity for profound transformation.

As a therapist, she works with individuals, couples, families, corporate teams and educators. She advises allied professionals on the often overlooked nuances of systemic dynamics within presenting problems and symptoms.

Deb has lived in Fairfield County, Connecticut with her patient and loving husband of over 20 years, two precious and challenging teenagers, and an ornery dog. She is passionate about psychology, behavior and mind/body/spirit wellness my entire life. Deb uses your words, your experiences, and a bit of humor to mirror you, provoke you, and inspire you with unwavering support, commitment and unconditional acceptance.