The Lighthouse Sober Living Recovery 365 supports lifetime recovery.

The Lighthouse offers a unique home environment for discerning professionals in recovery. You’ll find the comfort, upscale amenities, and professional support you need to build a lasting recovery and lifetime of sobriety.

You ’ll enjoy fellowship: the highest level of personalized care, beautiful furnishings, privacy, and discreet sobriety support. The Lighthouse is the perfect setting when you’re seeking a place to recover after clinical inpatient alcohol or drug rehabilitation Executive sober living is a reliable ongoing retreat from professional demands.

The Lighthouse is a place where day-to-day needs are provided in a supportive, safe environment so you can focus on rebuilding your life, personally and professionally.

Choosing to reside in sober living establishes a network of supportive men in recovery. Research proves healthy relationships and connecting others in early recovery is a powerful tool to maintain sobriety. The Lighthouse creates healthy relationships with fellow peers residing in the home, and it's extensive connections to the Fairfield County recovery community.

Come to a place of comfort and serenity to rebuild your life and reinforce your sobriety. You’ll find all the comforts of home and get the support you need to tackle life’s challenges with grace and ease.

Through all phases of your recovery, we believe you deserve the very best transition for a healthy and prosperous future.


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